Your company in experienced hands:
Ensuring sustainable growth and development with ADCURAM

Fast implementation with the full support of our board of directors. ADCURAM solves even the most complex shareholder scenarios.

Reliable succession and seamless transition. ADCURAM professionally continues life’s works.

Highest degree of transaction security and bespoke financing. ADCURAM is financially strong and respects your interests.

Transparent and fair – a partnership at eye level.
ADCURAM focuses on joint solutions – especially during carve-outs.

Passionate entrepreneurs with a focus on long-term success.
ADCURAM invests in sustainable growth and development.


Whether it is due to a lack of heirs or due to retirement: External company successions need to be planned carefully to succeed and not fail at the halfway mark. With an experienced partner and a systematic approach, a seamless transition becomes possible. No matter if your aim is a partial or a complete sale, whether you want to enjoy your retirement or would like to continue being a part of the management team or advisory board – we can find the ideal solution for you and your life’s work, with flexible re-investment options if requested.

The traditional model of cross-generational company successions cannot always be maintained. Where in the past, the founder’s children reliably continued to carry on the values and culture of the company, today they often have their own professional goals and the question of succession remains unresolved for the owners of many mid-sized companies. Those who lose too much time in these situations, put the future continuation of the company and the job security of their long-serving employees at risk.

Therefore, early planning is a crucial success factor for the often complex and lengthy succession process. Those who act with foresight can effectively minimize unwanted and unexpected risks and ensure a carefully thought out, structured organization of their succession. Only in this way can you, as an entrepreneur, take into account various important factors when choosing the right partner to do so and achieve the optimal sales revenue, the lasting continuation of your corporate culture or the competent operational support of the management team that succeeds you. Together, we can find solutions that reflect the current economic situation of your company while ensuring that your life’s work will be continued in the future.

ADCURAM specializes in complex succession scenarios and has already successfully solved a wide variety of challenging and emotional situations in a sustainable manner. Because we ourselves are founders and passionate entrepreneurs, we know exactly what thoughts and concerns drive you. If you are looking for a pragmatic and reliable partner, who is not oriented towards short-term profits, but rather towards sustainable growth and who can quickly achieve an understanding of your business model and philosophy, then ADCURAM is the right partner for you. Together, we support your succession plan from start to finish. Absolute discretion is as natural to us as our commitment to integrity: ADCURAM stands by its word. We are fully aware that we take over one´s life’s works. When we do so, we implement sustainable growth strategies, for example by investing in research and development, setting up new locations or carrying out add-on acquisitions; in doing so, we position your life’s work for the future – and therefore secure locations, jobs as well as customer and supplier relationships that have grown over years.


With our 40-strong team of experts, we actively develop companies with potential further, both strategically and operationally.


We invest as a pragmatic partner with the aim of building sustainably successful market and technology leaders.


As a privately owned industrial group, we have more than EUR 300 million available for acquisitions and growth investments.


Corporate groups often depend on several business units – but sometimes a reorientation and subsequent forging of a separate path for a particular business unit is unavoidable or simply the better solution. As an experienced investor with entrepreneurial know-how and the necessary foresight, ADCURAM is the ideal transaction partner for corporate groups in these situations: From guarantees about maintaining locations to purchase agreements from the adoption of works agreements to the maintenance of works council agreements – we care about the continuation of your business units. No matter how complex the existing structures are, we focus on both the individually verifiable benefit for the seller as well as the forward-looking positioning of the subsidiary which is being sold.

At ADCURAM, we pursue a clear goal: To create sustainable, long-term success. As an active holding company with extensive industry experience, we have sustainably and successfully accompanied companies on their way to the top for two decades now. Therefore, we know that no two transactions are alike. From complex carve-outs and acquisitions of previously upstream or downstream value chain steps to spin-offs of subsidiaries that are no longer part of the company’s core business – we know the subtle differences and act for each company as if it were our own. We see ourselves as an operational investor with many years of cross-industry expertise and maintain our own team of experts who have supported the spin-off of company parts including IT.

As a reliable partner for domestically and internationally active corporate groups, we are as concerned with seamless transitions as we are with investing in the development of sustainable competitiveness for the company which has been sold. Internationally renowned players such as Bayer, Schott and DSM have already relied on our expertise as a reliable transaction partner.

Utmost transaction security

Our combination of financially strong industrial group, experienced transaction specialists and comprehensive financing know-how makes us the ideal partner for your carve-out.

Fast implementation

Our cross-industry market expertise and in-house due diligence experts enable us to realize transactions swiftly, pragmatically and confidentially.

Clear communication

When carving out part of a corporate group, we focus on fair dealings, clear communication and constructive dialogue with key stakeholders such as employee representatives and trade unions.

Sustainable development

We are there to assist you: Together with the management team of subsidiaries, our operational specialists develop specific, bespoke solutions and create sustainable success.

Always there for you


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