Case study: Duran

2005 Initial situation

Situation at the time of acquisition

On March 1, 2005, ADCURAM acquires the Duran Group from the Schott Group in a complex carve-out.

Complex, because at this point in time Duran – especially at the Mainz site – is very strongly interwoven with the Schott Group. There is no independent sales department, and almost all other processes from purchasing to administration to waste disposal are also closely integrated into the Schott processes. In addition, there are three independent management teams at the three sites: Wertheim, Mainz and Pula.

2005 new leadership

Adcuram takes the lead

The ADCURAM team of experts initially takes over the management of the group on an interim basis, but then establishes a three-person management team within a short time. ADCURAM experts then support this management team in making the company fully independent.

2006 Efficiency increase

Leaner and more efficient

Initially, a number of initiatives will be implemented with the common focus of streamlining internal processes. At the same time, overcapacities at the Main site will be reduced to ensure the long-term sustainability of the business.

2006 Innovations

Innovation and sales offensive

With an innovation and sales offensive, sales can be increased in the long term – tripling the share of sales with new, high-margin products in just a few months.

2007 Investment

Future investment

In total, ADCURAM has invested more than €15 million in the company to date – in the development of new products and production technologies, the automation of processes and the expansion of the international sales network.

2008-2009 Times of crisis

Financial crisis

In the context of the financial crisis, ADCURAM supports Duran in the resulting challenges – especially in the sustainable financing of current business in the face of volatile demand. In this way, Duran succeeds in maneuvering through this difficult period in a well-positioned manner with high delivery reliability – so that Duran emerges from the crisis stronger and with significant gains in market share.

2011 Acquisition

Acquisition of SciLabware

SciLabware Ltd Logo Vector - (.SVG + .PNG) - Tukuz.ComIncreasingly, customers are also asking Duran for quality plastic products. In order to increase value added here and to be able to offer customers a broader range of products, ADCURAM supported the acquisition of SciLabware, a British manufacturer of reusable plastic containers for laboratory applications, in 2013. The successful integration of the acquisition will lead to a further jump in sales and a further improvement in earnings.

2014 Expansion

Setting the course for the future

In 2014, as part of the discussion of the further strategy for Duran, it emerges that a merger with the US competitors Wheaton and Kimble would be the best way forward for Duran. As ADCURAM’s network and resources in North America do not match the opportunities in Europe, we decide together with the management to look for a partner for Duran that is better suited for this development step.

2015 Sale

Sale to One Equity Partners

In 2015, after more than 10 years of successful development, Duran is sold to One Equity Partners – under whose aegis the success story continues seamlessly through Duran’s successful merger with Wheaton and Kimble.

Today, DWK (Duran Wheaton Kimble) is the leader in every aspect of reusable laboratory containers, glass or plastic – built on the foundation of ADCURAM’s hard and patient work.

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