For 25 years, Münchner Tafel has rescued over 125,000 kilograms of food and handed it out at 27 distribution points to around 20,000 needy residents of Munich. In addition to mother-and-child homes and assisted living facilities for the elderly and sick, food is also provided weekly to help the homeless. Especially in challenging times, the services offered by the “Münchner Tafel” become even more important.

“Social institutions like the “Münchner Tafel” rely on the support of volunteers and on donations. As a company, we are aware of our social responsibility and, with the Münchner Tafel, we support a remarkable institution in which an employee of our company is also involved as a volunteer.”

At ADCURAM, supporting has become a tradition: In 2017, employees got involved in a mentoring program of the city of Munich for qualified immigrants and took on social responsibility. And in previous years, the ADCURAM partners were also involved in promoting various cultural causes.