How can medium-sized companies use M&A as an instrument of strategic corporate development?
This question is addressed in an article in the magazine “LEBENSWERK”, published by the Bundesverband Mergers & Acquisitions e.V. (German Association of Mergers & Acquisitions), which publishes M&A REVIEW, and the German Institute for Business Succession. Bringing one’s own company forward through acquisitions and other forms of M&A is often not tackled for reasons of caution or inexperience, this is also the finding of a recent study. Our colleague and managing director Dr. Philipp Gusinde emphasizes: “Industrial holding companies such as ADCURAM can support SMEs with experience, capital and their own experts to seize the opportunities from acquisitions and minimize risks.”

Experience, capital and know-how – three core competencies that ADCURAM also applies to succession planning.
Ingo Steinel, Managing Director of our portfolio company STEINEL, takes a pointed look back in the 2nd article at the time before and after his own succession planning.
Together with Dr. Philipp Gusinde, he points out that the intensive work on the business model in the run-up to the transaction and the active operational support provided by the new partner after the transaction made a major contribution to the success of this succession.

M&A in medium-sized companies – What matters… with Dr. Philipp Gusinde (from p.12)
Panel discussion “M&A as an instrument of strategic corporate development” with Dr. Philipp Gusinde and Ingo Steinel (from p.20)