We rise by lifting others – Not only corporate values and sustainable growth are top priority at ADCURAM, but also our social and societal responsibility.
After recently supporting the Lions Club’s flood relief in the Eifel region, this year ADCURAM is committed to the children’s hospice in Munich.

From the experience of friends and acquaintances, we appreciate the work of the Munich Children’s Hospice, a commitment that we find very impressive and meaningful.

Seriously or terminally ill children need care appropriate to their illness, which is usually very costly and time-consuming. This places a considerable psychological burden on all family members. To prevent the situation from getting too much for the families, they are cared for by a professional team. As individual and unique a family is, so are the forms of support it needs. The path becomes more bearable and a little easier if it does not have to be taken alone. This is exactly where the work of the Munich Children’s Hospice comes in.

We would like to support this great initiative with our donation.