According to a recent DIHK report, around 152,000 entrepreneurs in Germany will be looking for a suitable successor by the end of 2021. However, the image of the entrepreneurial generation change is receding into the background – German mid-sized companies are on the verge of a trend reversal in terms of succession solutions: Among many entrepreneurs, prejudices against financial investors are diminishing, and the number of succession models is increasing. More and more entrepreneurs are turning to non-family buyers when handing over their life’s work, thus not only opening up a wider range of options for themselves, but at the same time increasing their scope for decision-making with regard to the question of the right partner for continuing the business.

In the “Bayerische Staatszeitung”, Dr. Philipp Gusinde explains why early planning is a key success factor for a successful succession planning, what to look out for when choosing the right partner and why an operationally managed industrial holding company in particular can be the ideal solution for mid-sized companies.