An interesting interview in the magazine: Der Unternehmeredition, of our colleague and managing director Broder Abrahamsen, on the topic of financing, investment and the current development of national M&A deals.

“ADCURAM is very good at empathizing with entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs ourselves. We only invest entrepreneurial equity from the founding families and business leaders. In addition, with our own team of experts, we have the operational expertise to relieve the equity investments when it comes to construction sites in the company. For example, we can provide support for investment projects in production, IT system conversions and – very important at the moment – problems in logistics and the supply chain with experienced colleagues who work full time to find a pragmatic solution – on site, hand in hand with the management. And finally, we are a long-term partner. We develop companies with a ten-year perspective and want each of our companies to be successful on the market in the long term.”